• Icelandic Mountain Vodka

    The Icelandic Mountain Vodka is distilled seven times so it feels extra smooth while still standing strong at 40% alcohol. The Icelandic Mountain Vodka is made with pure Icelandic Spring Water and is Gluten Free.

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    Volcanic Vodka From the Ashes We Rise

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    The Aristocrat of Gins

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SIF VODKA Spirit of Valkyries

SIF VODKA is SEVEN TIMES DISTILLED for the unrivalled quality and exceptional taste you deserve. We bring you SIF VODKA Spirit of Valkyries from History with a touch of Modern purity. SIF VODKA starts with a tantalizing hint of fire, and leaves a lasting impression of pure smooth luxury. From Iceland’s Land of Fire and Ice with the spirit of the Vikings. Enjoy either straight or in crafty mixed cocktails to unleash the Nordic Magic..

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Gran Lanzamiento Mezcal 400 Voces

  • 400 voces


Arnaud Botella Wines is a wine export company based on the French Riviera, offering an exquisite portfolio of French wines and spirits of great appellations. Thanks to Arnaud Botella Wines long relationships with their winemakers, AB Wines selection is thoroughly sourced from medium to large size vineyards cultivated with traditional and sustainable methods.

“The quality and traceability of our wines is important to us as well as to our customers” sic Monique Marchant CEO. “Wine is the result of hard work and passion and we are committed to uphold the reputation of our wines”.


About Chateau Imports

Chateau Imports Ltd. is one of the nation’s leading importers of fine spirits wines.
Chateau Imports Ltd. services the United States wholesale beverage market with headquarters in New York, NY. We import only the finest spirits.

Our vision is recognized by our customers and suppliers as the superior importers of alcoholic beverages in all regions where we conduct business. Our focus is on providing our customers and suppliers with the best possible service. This is achieved by continually upgrading the systems that give a competitive advantage to our business partners.

Chateau Imports, Ltd. works in conjunction with distributors, with a focus on establishing distribution and conducting trade promotions that achieve maximum brand awareness with the consumer.


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